Can I Use a Digital Proof of SR22 Auto Insurance?

Every day we use our smartphones to check email, navigate the streets and many other applications to simplify our lives. It only makes sense that states allow us to use digital proof of insurance instead of paper copies which few people remember to replace when it expires. States like Colorado, Texas and Florida to name a few are approving the use of digital proof of insurance for SR22 policies.

Over half the states now accept electronic id cards to show proof of insurance if you are required by a police officer. This not only makes it easier for the majority of people who own an iPhone or other smartphone it also saves time that courts use to confirm coverage for a ticket issued.

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Know how to access the proof of insurance on your phone

Companies like GEICO offer a smartphone app available on iPhone and android devices but make sure you know how to access the ID card. The last thing you want is to have to remember your password and pull it up while the police officer is waiting. GEICO has developed a simple way for you to download your ID card to your phones app and does not require you to login to the app to view it. Check with your auto insurance company to see how to find and download the proof of insurance on your phone.

Current list of states that accept electronic forms of SR22 auto insurance coverage as of 9/30/2013:

According to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America


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