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What is an FR44?

Drivers in Florida and Virginia will be required to file form FR44 with their respective motor vehicle department after a DUI conviction. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a constant concern of states and this is a way for more supervision while under probation. The form shows the state that you have the required liability limits for auto insurance. The filing is required for the duration of your probation period and if cancelled the state is notified instantly. Currently Florida and Virginia are the two states that require this form after a DUI but more states are looking to add the law.

Can I get an FR44 if I don't own a car?

Yes, you can get FR44 insurance if you don't own a car. Many people don't own a car but are required to show financial responsibility to the state. Ask your insurance company for a non-owner FR44 insurance policy. This type of policy will provide you with the required liability coverage and is not tied to any one vehicle but all vehicles you drive.

How long is the FR-44 valid?

FR44 filing is required for three years but can be up to 5 years depending on your court required suspension period. The required time period will be stated on your suspension paperwork. If you cancel your FR44 policy prior to the end of your suspension the state will suspend your license again. You will then be required to start the suspension period over and must maintain the FR44 for the entire period.

How much does FR44 insurance cost?

The cost to add an FR-44 filing to your auto insurance is usually $15 to $25. This is only the cost to file the form with the state. Your largest cost associated with the FR44 is the underlying DUI conviction. Most insurance companies increase your auto premium substantially in the event you are convicted of a DUI or other major violation. Be sure to get FR44 quotes from multiple companies to compare prices.

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Can I switch insurance companies when I have an FR44?

Yes you can switch insurance companies during your required suspension period. If you find a lower rate at a different insurance company just make sure there is no lapse of coverage and the new company has all the FR44 filing information. It is recommended that you confirm coverage is in place prior to canceling the old policy.

Who needs an FR44?

FR44 insurance is a requirement for drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). Both Florida and Virginia require this filing after a DUI but check with your state in the event the law has changed. It doesn't matter if you own a vehicle or not as the state will still require the FR-44 form. 

Is FR44 insurance valid in multiple states?

No, FR44 insurance is specific to the state which the violation occurred. If you plan to move to another state while your current state still requires the FR44 filing do not cancel the policy until you have transferred your insurance to the new state. Some states don't require FR44 insurance but may have other requirements. Check with an insurance agent to see what the state requirements may be.

Do I need an FR-44 for each vehicle I own?

When you file an FR44 with most states they only care that you have proper liability coverage. When you add an FR-44 filing it is usually added to one vehicle only but this shows you have liability protection in that state for the required limits. For example you could have a motorcycle or second vehicle insured with another carrier that does not have the FR44 and that is acceptable.

When can I cancel my FR44?

Most FR44 filings are required for three years after the last day of your suspension period. It can vary from state to state and case to case but that is the most common. Be sure to check the letter you received from the state motor vehicle department regarding your suspension requirements. In this letter it will state how long you need to carry the FR44, if you have questions you should contact your state motor vehicle department. Don't cancel the FR-44 policy until you know for sure the required time period or they will suspend your license again!

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