FR44 Insurance

The need for FR44 insurance came about when Florida and Virginia wanted to protect all drivers in their states against potential damage from drunk drivers. It is well documented that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a leading cause of automobile accidents. These two states are now requiring all drivers who are convicted of DUI to file an FR44 form with their respective state motor vehicle department. The FR44 form is similar to SR22 insurance in the sense it validates a driver is insured to operate a vehicle. The primary difference in the two forms is the limit of liability that is required.

FR44 Liability Insurance Limits

Most states that require SR22 insurance only require the state minimum liability insurance limits on the policy. This is often only $15,000 per person in liability coverage which most people will attest is not enough to provide adequate coverage if someone is seriously injured.

FR44 insurance in Florida and Virginia require much higher limits of liability to protect other drivers on the road. By requiring higher liability limits this will insure that in the event the driver is involved in an accident they will have more protection for the driver they hit. The cost to have higher liability limits is more than state minimum levels but the increase in your auto insurance premium is mainly the result of your DUI.

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How much does FR44 Insurance Cost?

FR44 Rates:

Most drivers who need to file an FR44 ask us how much it will cost for this form. The better question to ask is how much the DUI conviction will cost me over the next five years. The cost of FR44 insurance is only $15 to $25 depending on the state in which you file. That is the cost of the filing which has nothing to do with the cost of your insurance premiums.

When you get charged with driving under the influence it is a major traffic violation that states are really trying to crack down on. Auto insurance companies will cover you with a DUI but expect to pay at least 2-3 times what you were paying prior to the DUI assuming your record was clear. If you are currently insured and are wondering if your car insurance company will cancel the policy after a DUI, the answer is yes. It is unlikely they will drop you completely but usually they will require you to be in a sub-standard company for three years.

What is Sub-Standard Auto Insurance?

After a DUI conviction most auto insurance companies will require you to be in their sub-standard company for at least three years. This is common among most major insurance carriers and allows them to properly rate the risk for certain drivers. Insurance is designed to provide protection to many people by charging a premium for the risk that each person poses. The risk that a driver with a prior DUI poses is much higher than a driver with a clean history.

The rates for auto insurance in a sub-standard company will be higher than the rates in a preferred tier company but usually you are only required to be in the lower tier for three years. If you have multiple DUI convictions you may need to have the insurance for 5 years.

Companies That Offer FR44 Insurance

The most trusted insurance companies such as Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Farmers and Nationwide all offer FR-44 coverage in your state. Only Florida and Virginia require an FR44 filing after a DUI conviction. If you don't own a car and need to file a non-owner FR44 form just ask for that type of policy when getting a quote.



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