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When drivers need to file an SR22 form with their state they don't think about using their motorcycle as the primary vehicle. There are two primary benefits to having SR22 motorcycle insurance including lower cost and the possibility to reduce the length an SR-22 filing might affect your insurance. If you need an SR22 the cause might be for a number of reasons including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Excessive points on license
  • Driving without insurance

This is not the full list of reasons a driver would need to file an SR22 form but includes the most common citations. Each state is different and not all states require SR22 insurance so be sure to check your state for more information.


How to save money with SR22 motorcycle insurance

Motorcyles vary widely from cruisers to high performance sport bikes and knowing which one costs less to insure will save you a boat load of money in the future. The type of motorcycle you ride can affect the cost of your SR22 insurance due to the value and performance features of the bike. If you need to file SR22 insurance and have a cruiser style motorcycle this is going to provide the most cost savings for you and your family.

SR22 Motorcycle Quotes:

What affects the cost of SR-22 motorcycle insurance?

Insurance companies charge premiums based on many different factors including your driving history, age, credit profile, location and vehicle model. We will focus on the vehicle model which is a motorcycle in this case. Knowing what determines the cost of SR22 motorcycle insurance will help you find the cheapest policy available. Here are the most common rating factors that an insurance company will use to determine you cost of insurance on a motorcycle:

Type of motorcycle: Is the bike built for speed or cruising? If you own a sport bike such as a Honda CBR 600 this will cost much more than a cruising bike such as a Honda Shadow due to the power to weight ratio. The sport bikes are popular with riders under the age of 25 which also makes it more expensive.

Sport Bike

Cruiser Bike

Sport Bike
Cruiser Bike

Insurance Coverage: As with auto insurance there are options that allow you to have different coverage in the event of a loss. Each state as required minimum levels of liability insurance which will also likely correspond to what you are required to have on your SR22 insurance policy. Types of coverage include the following:

  • Comprehensive - Protects the motorcycle against most losses that occur while NOT riding the bike. This can include theft, vandalism, weather damage and hit and run.
  • Collision - If you are driving the bike and hit something this is the coverage that will restore the vehicle to its prior condition. As with comprehensive coverage you will likely have a deductible to meet in order for the claim to begin.
  • Towing - Most riders don't think of towing coverage for a motorcycle but they too can break down and being stuck on the side of a road is no fun. This will cover towing the bike to a local repair shop or your home.
  • Accessories - Most major insurance companies will include a small amount for bike accessories including saddlebags or storage containers but if you add expensive items to the bike be sure to have them insured.

Can I have SR22 insurance on a motorcycle?

Yes you can absolutely file your SR22 form with your motorcycle. Most auto insurance companies will offer motorcycle insurance but shop around because each company has specific types of bikes that they will charge much less for including touring or cruiser styles. We know of certain companies that will still offer motorcycle insurance but at such a high premium that it doesn't make sense to have it so knowing your options is the best.

Keep in mind that insurance companies want all of your business so they will ask what other vehicles you own so they can quote them as well. While it can be nice to have all of your insurance with one company it may not save you the most money in this case. If you need to file an SR22 and have a motorcycle start by getting quotes for just the motorcycle including the SR-22 form. This will allow you to see how much it costs to insure just your motorcycle with one company and your cars with another.

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